Four Worlds Bakery - Located at 4634 Woodland Ave., West Philly

Getting Our Products
Our mission at Four Worlds Bakery is to revive the neighborhood bakery experience.  The best way to get our products is to come by the bakery when we are open.  All our products are baked in the morning, so the earlier you get the the more fresh the product; and the best selection you will get.  
(1)  Stay in Touch With the Bakery.
Click this link to get our weekly email newsletter.  You will automatically add yourself to the weekly email list which includes news and specials.  The weekly email creates a consistent connection between the baker and you and give us the means to communicate changes in products; and this is a central aspect of the Four Worlds Bakery vision.

(2)  Special Advance Orders. 
Contact us, preferably by email, for large orders. 

(3) Ingredients.  
Click here for an ingredient list. 
(4)  Stores/Cafes that Sell Four Worlds Bakery Products:

Harvest Local sells a whole menu full of locally produced foods and delivers to your home in protected coolers. You can now get some Four Worlds Bakery products through this outlet. Visit their web page for details and info on whether they can deliver to your home or work. It's an amazing service; especially for people who don't have time or the ability to shop.
Mariposa Coop, in West Philly stocks FWB bagels, pretzels, baguettes, bread, challah, and croissant, baked fresh everyday of the week.  Mariposa Coop is open to all shoppers and is located at 49th and Baltimore Ave.
Weavers Way Coop in Mt. Airy stocks several varieties of FWB challah, breads and Pizza dough; delivery on Monday and Friday afternoons. 

Weavers Way Coop in Chestnut Hill stocks daily our pizza dough, white and whole wheat, and breads all week.  Deliveries on Friday and Monday afternoons. 
Coffee Market, 45th and Pine: fresh daily croissant.  
Ultimo Cafe.  15th & Mifflin and 22nd & Catherine in South Philly; serving daily croissant, turnovers, and bagels.
Hawthornes.  A cafe on 11th and Fitzwater in South Philly, serving FWB bagels on their menu. 
Green Line Cafe.  All five Green Line Cafes get daily FWB croissant and pretzels; visit them at (1) 43nd & Baltimore (2) 45th & Locust,  (3) Powelton & Lancaster, & (4) the kiosk at the Penn Vet Hospital (Univ. Ave & Spruce),  (5) Center City, and (6) 40th & Ludlow (formerly Lovers & Madmen).
Joe's Cafe at Penn. This Eco-sustainable cafe in the new LEED certified Wharton building.  On Spruce behind the stationary trolley. They sell FWB bagels every weekday.

OCF Cafe, 20th & Federal.  Croissant and bagels daily.

Market Bakery.  Reading Terminal in Center City 12th and Arch.   Fresh almond, goat cheese, raisin, and spinach ricotta croissant. 

Cheese E Wagon.  A premium (yelp 5 star) food truck usually parked for lunch near Drexel, 35th and Market and all over the city at special events.  They use our sourdough bread, by request, on their amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Square One Coffee.  A coffee roaster and cafe serving our croissant, turnovers, and bagels.  Two locations in Center City at 15th & Spruce and 1811 JFK Blvd.  

Dottie's Donuts.  46th and Springfield (near Baltimore Ave). Serving our Bagels daily.  

       Contact Information:
Four Worlds Bakery
Michael "Challahman" Dolich, Owner and Head Baker
4634 Woodland
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Retail store hours: 
Mon  Closed
Tues - Friday 6:30- 1:00
Sat & Sun 8:00 - 1:00
Stay Connected:
email michael  challahman (((at))) fourworldsbakery ((dot)) com
Follow challahman on Twitter
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