Four Worlds Bakery

Located at 4634 Woodland Ave., West Philly

About Four Worlds Bakery!

The almond croissant is one of the best things that I have ever put into my mouth...seriously! " --a happy customer

Everything has been consistently amazing. Without you we simply wouldn't be eating bread, but you enable us to -- plus your breads are so delicious! Thank you. S.S. in South Philly


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What is Four Worlds Bakery?

Four Worlds Bakery is located at 4634 Woodland in West Philly. 

Head Baker Michael Dolich started the bakery in his home kitchen at a West Philly cooperative house on Walton Ave (near 48th and Baltimore) in 2006 and currently located on Woodland Ave.

We specialize in sourdough (ie naturally cold-fermented) breads.  Cold-fermented means we form the dough and chill the unbaked dough overnight before baking in special chilling equipment.  Read more about the cold-fermented trend here.   We also sell our bread baking supplies and ingredients for home baking.  We mill some of our whole grains on site at the bakery; the picture to the right is the mill we use at the bakery. We offer baked products rooted in a tradition where baking is an art form (thus artisan) and the breads are made with the utmost attention, hand work, care, and expression of our highest ideals. These breads stand alone in the Philadephia area.

(above photo courtesy of Albert Yee)

We strive for the perfect process for making bread, thus we are not trying to achieve exact consistency in results; and if you are attentive, you will note subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences in the products from week to week. All the products, however, are produced by exact formula which are continually in development.

And because all the breads are made with natural yeast starter (using natural fermentation) and slow/cold cold fermentation you get a high degree of density, more complex flavor, more durability, and better keeping quality. This sourdough will open your palate, greatly enhancing your flavor perceptions of anything you eat with the bread; think of it as supercharging your senses. Simply eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, on this bread, for example, can be quite a pleasant experience.

Our ingredients are chosen for the highest quality possible and balanced with practicality;  We use only Sea Salt.

In today's market, it's very challenging to get fresh bread to consumers. Most bread you buy, even if locally baked, is not baked the day you eat it.

Want to Work at Four Worlds?

We are interested in you if you are interested to work at Four Worlds. When we hire, we rarely advertise positions. When a position opens up, we usually hire from a saved email file of people who have contacted us previously. So if you are interested, send us an email with your story and include a narration of why you are interested in us. Primary factors that are favorable but not necessarily required: experience in commercial food handling, passion for bread and/or baking, dependability/ability to work beginning at 4:00am, and residence near the bakery, basic computer skills including Excel and Windows. No prior baking experience is necessary. We do not take on unpaid interns.